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George's Story -

My wife Kit and I have owned many dogs before George and enjoyed them all as family pets. George is our second Mastiff and truly a unique addition to our family. Our first Mastiff was poorly breed and passed away before he was four. As we searched for a new Mastiff, a close friend of ours offered to educate and guide us on selecting a top breeder. Roger has been a Dog Show Judge for 30 years in California and carefully examined all the Mastiff web-sites. Roger felt that Systo’s Mastiffs and Bailiff Mastiffs produced Mastiffs with the best overall structure and most importantly, every one of their health certifications was easily verified. It became an easy decision to work with Systo’s and they were as demanding selecting their owners as we were selecting a breeder ! We passed our “Potential Owner Interrogations” and told Shiela and Jeff that we wanted a male. He had to be sweet and gentle and learn to be part of a family with 2 young sons.

Eight weeks later Sheila picked the most gentile male from his mother BAILEE’S litter and we welcomed George Bailee, all 25.5 lbs of him, into our family.

And this is where George’s story really begins.

George showed for the 1st time at 14 months of age and won a 3 point major under the esteemed Judge Michele L. Billings. George finished as a Champion in July 2005 and we did not show George until he was accepted to the Westminster Dog Show in February of 2006 and again in 2007. In April 2006 George swept his first Cluster as a Special- against seven other Champions! Two nationally ranked Dogs competed with George and he swept all three day’s as “
Best in Breed” (See the pictures in the Gallery).

You will note from George’s pictures that he is not over-done nor over-weight.
George is naturally lean, muscular and not fat. George is from the Acorn Hills /Pendragon Line and both of his parents, Farlough and Bailee, are in the Mastiff Hall of Fame. His Mother is also an International Champion. George is Very Large (34 inches at the withers) and his pedigree demonstrates a trend to grow tall and lean early and then slowly fill out between ages Four and Five. This is widely regarded as one of the main routes to good health. George’s father Farlough was 35 inches tall and weighed 246 lbs, and his Grandfather Uther Pendragon was an astonishing 36 inches tall and weighed 241 lbs.

George’s temperament is unequaled by any Dog I have ever owned or met. George is so gentle that he will let you take a steak out of his mouth while eating, without even the hint of a growl. He is especially confident, self assured and extremely friendly towards humans and other dogs, including Males. He is the sweetest Dog I have ever met and would give his life in defense of his family. George is very bright, easily trained, and eager to please. He loves to show and considers Dog Shows almost like a play date. Almost at every show, at least one or two people come up to me and say;

“I’ve been watching the Mastiffs, and this is one of the most beautiful Mastiff’s
I have ever seen, where did you get him”?

What makes George so Special is "He is the Total Package".

Balance, Breed Type, Exceptionally Fluid-Athletically Correct Movement,
A Beautiful Soft-Short Coat, Round Tight-Cat Feet, Muscular Body,
Massive Head Piece
with Appropriate Wrinkles and Stop,
Dark Mask, Magnificent Top Line and

Most Importantly...

Exceptional Health and Temperament.

George is Available at stud to approved bitches of Merit.
Bitches must have a passing OFA prelim or Permanent Number and have been
CERF'd and PRA DNA’d.

If you are a breeder, and are looking for the Highest Quality Stud Dog, from a
Well known, Extremely Fertile Pedigree, you could not do any better than;

CH Systo’s George Bailee Wolfe - It really is, that simple...